Team D

VEX Robotics


Team D values camaraderie, cohesion, and teamwork in order to better our robot and ourselves as human beings. We strive to create an engaging and fun space to learn more about robotics and engineering in general. In our team, we all have a place here and a unique role to fill that correlates with our distinct abilities and talents. Since we view robotics from a holistic viewpoint, we understand that the Engineering Notebook, the Robot itself, and everything in between is meaningful and contributes to our success as a whole.

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“Media is one of the most important roles on our team. The reason for that is because we need teams to see us and remember who we are. This can also mean helping out with the design of the team website.”

~Who We Are~
Ally Baker is a Senior and the co-leader of Team 569D. She enjoys playing the clarinet in the school band, robotics, and hanging out with friends. This year, her goal is to build a robot that the team and everyone will be proud of.

Alan Morales is a Senior and a programmer for Team 569D. He likes robotics, playing basketball, video games, and hanging out with friends. His goal this year is to come up with an out-of-box design that will win a design award. Alan would like to attend Cal Poly Pomona and study robotics engineering.
Justin Koch is a Junior and a builder on Team 569D. He enjoys building model rockets and designing and printing random things. His goals this year are to earn a 4.0 or higher GPA, and to think outside the box and get the design award for our robot. In the future, Justin wants to contribute to society in the mechanical or astronautical field of engineering.
John Fritzsche is a Junior and a programmer and builder for Team 569D. He likes to play many musical instruments, learn about space and science, bowling, and hanging out with friends. His goal this year is to go to worlds, learn how to play the violin, and learn how to code V5. In the future, John would like to go to CalTech.
Slater Selinger is a Junior and a builder for Team 569D. He likes to do many things, including playing baseball, piano, video games, and chess. His goal this year is to win at states, then qualify for worlds. Slater would like to graduate from CalTech with a degree in either mechanical, software or aerospace engineering.

Kailani Dugdale is a Junior and a coder for Team 569D. She enjoys playing video games and golf. With golf, she practices everyday and plays tournaments year round. This year she hopes to go to Worlds and get past the second stage of CIF high school golf.


~New Updates~

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