Team C

VEX Robotics


[ourteam description=”Team C consists of people who strive towards innovation and excellence. Our members are very diverse, each coming from different backgrounds. Our team members each have different strengths that can support the team and that can support our weaknesses. Where ever one of us is weak, the others are strong, and we help each other through our weaknesses. With all of our strengths combined we can become a powerhouse for creativity and knowledge.” img_src_1=”” img_src_2=”” img_src_3=””]



[building description=”Our robot has a double reverse four bar lift and a six motor speed drive. We have a motorized claw with a passive mobile goal intake. Our claw is able to pick up cones that have been tipped over with the help of some torque behind the motor.” img_src_1=”” img_src_2=”” img_src_3=””]

[workinnumbers members=9 tournaments=1 awards=1 color=”#000000″]