Team A

VEX Robotics



Our Team

We are Team 569A! Excited for the new season Tower Takeover, we are determined to build a fully functioning robot that will win awards and tournaments as we compete throughout the year.  In our team, we are all very connected and are overjoyed to build new friendships with the new team members this year. We are all sophomore or freshman members who are involved in many aspects of our robot. Our team has worked diligently all year to ensure that our robot is functioning to its best ability, as well as managing our many different departments. Our team has set many goals for this year, and we plan to push ourselves to achieve the very best.


Our building team works diligently to assure that there are no mishaps or issues with the design. Our builders have collaborated to find the perfect mixture of speed, stability, and strength. Our design will help us to go great distances during this competition season.


Our team prides itself on autonomous and coding. We have excelled in the coding area many times from last year, competing with some of the best teams from around the world. We have spent all year refining our autonomous routines and enhancing the way we use our encoders. 

Turning Point

Our team did fantastic in the 2018-2019 Vex Robotics Competition challenge, Turning Point. 569A went to states, and worlds. We were in the Technology division for Worlds. We won 1 award.

Team Biographies


Lex is one of our team leaders. He is learning coding and building. We all enjoy being around Lex as his intelligence and good mood is always rampant.


Nicholas is our other team leader. He is a veteran coder and can’t stand nicknames. It’s Nicholas or nothing.


Brock is a builder for our team. He has done robotics for several years and while his building is sometimes unique, it gets the job done.


Jason is also a builder for our team. He has done robotics in middle school and some people enjoy rubbing his buzz cut head for good luck.


Kacy does anything that needs to be done in club. She is always keeping us organized and our table clean.


Janessa is a new member this year. and she is helping with building.


Richie is a new member this year and has already started to help build the robot. Richie is also hoping to drive the robot.


Jhaecent is a new member this year and has already started to help build the robot. He’s hoping to be able to coach the drivers during the next few tournaments.


Marco is a new member this year and has helped build the robot and also worked on and, is interested in, the wiring of the robot. He hopes to be a coach for the drive team.


Jenna is a great addition to the team and assists in anyway that she can, whether it be with building or writing in the notebook.


Jonathan is the newest member and joined Team A as a strategist.