Our Story

VEX Robotics

Our Story

We are the robotics team of Murrieta Valley High School in Murrieta, California. We are teams 569A, 569B, 569C, and 569D. Every season we build, program, and drive robots to compete in tournaments in Southern California. As an organization, we have regularly attended the California State Championships and the VEX Robotics World Championships.

The 2017 VEX World Championship marked our tenth year competing through VEX and qualifying to the World Championships.

Team 569 was started by Kevin Bradley in 2007. Our robotics team started out as just a club and no knowledge of robotics. We started with tournaments for fun, but it soon became much more than just a hobby for the students. Since then, we have qualified for the Vex Robotics World Championships every year and we even won in 2012. We plan to produce the same results in the future.


To help organize our large teams, we divide ourselves up into departments, allowing us to accomplish more things quicker. Our departments often include the programmers, builders, and media. Builders are in charge of the overall robot design and, of course, building the robot. Programmers type the code for the robot such as driver controls and autonomous, along with the programming skills challenge. Media works on our team’s image, AKA: the poster board, website, and social media. Using these departments as well as using the Project lead the way flow chart allows us to be the most effective in everything we do.

Our Mentor

The mentor for all four teams in NHRC is Mr. Bradley. He acts as our greatest supporter and critic, pushing us to do our best in everything that we do. These factors are what makes him not only a mentor to everyone involved, but also a role model. Mr. Bradley invests many of his weekends throughout the year bringing the teams to tournaments and other robotics related events. He traveled with two students on a trip to China to work with the China RobotC team. On this trip, he was able to learn more about the process the students have to go through such as building and programming a robot. During any other free time that is not dedicated to robotics he spends with his family. This all goes along with Mr. Bradley’s main point while mentoring the robotics teams; it is not about the robotics, it is about the skills we learn and the interactions we have with others. His motto is “Actions speak louder than words”

Our Achievements

2012 World Champions. 2015 State Champions. Two mentors. Three Amaze awards. Four current teams. Five Excellence awards. Six original members. Seven tournaments this school year. Eight trips to the State Championships. Ten appearances at the World Championships.

April 23, 2012- The Champions,team 569(A).


We started in spring 2007, as an after school club meant to prepare students for a third year engineering course. Our first tournament we won second place out of 24 in the FRC game Hangin’-A-Round. In the next FRC game, Quad Quandary, we won first place out of 31 and then again in VEX Robotics Bridge Battle. Our first World Championships was for Bridge Battle. In the 2008 game Elevation, we went to the semifinals at the Championship of the Americas. In 2010, two of our teams, 569 and 569C, qualified for the Clean Sweep World Championships. In Roundup, our teams ,569A and 569B, qualified for the World Championships in Orlando, Florida. Gateway, once again, led two of our teams to the Anaheim World Championships. That year our team 569A took the World Championships by storm, and won the three day event. 2013 was the first year all three teams qualified for the Sack Attack World Championships. We did this again in 2014 for Toss Up, but first we had to go through the California State Championships to qualify. We started off as a team consisting of six members and have grown in size to sixty members! Robotics is rapidly growing and improving each year!

Our main goal as a whole is to constantly improve. Whether in the robots themselves or how our changes the lives of those who make them. We consistently strive as a program improve ourselves and our community; leaving a positive impact on those we influence.